10 Reasons Why I Write Poetry

  1. My favorite form of self- expression – I find poetry to be my form of place where I can allow my spirit to run free and not be afraid of judgment or hate when I am writing my thoughts, ideas and feelings.
  2. A gift to the world – I look at each poem I write as a gift to the world in hopes that maybe it will touch someone’s heart or inspire someone to fight for their dreams.
  3. My favorite genre – This began as a little girl, and still is today my favorite genre to read or write. It’s where I learn the most about myself as a writer
  4. The emotions, images, rhyme, rhythm & metaphors of the poems – The whole aspect of a poem that is painted, such as never knowing what emotions lie beneath the skin until it is bled from the fingertips. The images that a poem can depict is so real and so vivid. The rhyme and rhythm, the beat to the poem must comply with the image or the whole format of the poem is destroyed. There is times when I will tap out the rhythm before I write. I love metaphors, they make for interesting endings to poems
  5. Word Play –  twisting and turning, creating and painting with words – the twisting and turning of words, adding suffixes & prefixes, or just creating a new version or slang or my favorite. Creating & painting the picture with words is an art form all by itself. The canvas is mine and mine alone. No one is there telling me how to create. The one thing I really like about poetry, and something I have learned from studying poems, its okay to let loose and create new words or to draw on other’s for inspiration.
  6. Past poets who inspired me – My list could go on forever but here is the top 5. Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, Shel Silverstein, Dylan Thomas
  7. It’s genetic – just ask! & It’s a way of life – I am not joking here since I started my family history I have came across many very talented poets in my family. And yes, Poetry is a way of life but also so much more and deeper than the soul.
  8. The learning process – I study and train almost daily in enhancing my poetry. I get so much enjoyment out of learning new techniques on writing poetry and how to be more creative when I write then from my fellow poets or from the legends of the past. I constantly have a stack of reference books on my desk next to me at all times.
  9. My box in which I live in – Poetry is my box in which I live. Everyone has a box they live in, some may be sports, writers of other genres, musicians, politicians, teachers, professors or just being a mom and Dad. Your box is what makes you the most comfortable and happy…..mine is poetry.
  10. It’s my go to place to heal spiritually, physically and emotionally – I turn to my writing as a healing place of where my life is leading to and where it has led me in the past. I turn to my poetry as my spiritual sanctuary. I write after each meditation or prayer service I do. I write to keep my mind off all the physical pain I am in on a daily basis, if not I would go insane. I write to release emotions that I can’t defy in verbal context.


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