Top 5 Tips for Writing Poetry

  1. Warm up- write for 15 minutes – just write and don’t stop to think about what your writing. Don’t even think about a topic, just … start writing.
  2. Journal – write in a journal everyday … better yet create your own journal! Decorate a notebook up to your liking so you will want to write daily.
  3. Connect with your environment- I connect by meditating before I start, I know that is not for everyone so try to go for a walk, or sit outside in silence or take a hot bath… just remember to relax before you start.
  4. Consider a taboo topic – most poets stir away from topics that may bring debate. Challenge yourself to write one a day. This helps open you mind and creativity
  5. Study – Read – Learn – Study from your favorite poets, Read new poetry daily and learn new techniques and themes.

Typewriter with Poetry buttons, vintage

Photo by Molly Fisk (Google Image)


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