About JAnn Bowers

+ JAnn has written poetry for all ages. Her poetry pertains mostly to love, spiritual, inspirational and life issues. She has experience in academic writing on all subjects which earn her great respect among her colleagues and professors.

+ JAnn is a member of Double Decker Books where her books have been promoted successfully in the past by KayCee K. Wingfield. JAnn was voted poet of the year for 2015 & 2016 by Double Decker Books. JAnn is a member of MicroPoetry Society, HighOnPoems, SpillWords & Scriggler Poetry. JAnn’s books can be found on Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Nook, & Google Play Please visit at: Pronoun Poet

+ JAnn is a strong supporter and advocate in her spare time for her disabled son. She is a lover of the 80’s music scene and spends her time listening to random songs from her childhood while she writes. She is also a yogi. She finds comfort in meditating to release the anxiety and daily stress. She is a major coffee drinker and she believes the power of her pen and paper should not be tampered with.