My Little Vacation from Life

So, over the last couple weeks I more-less disappeared because I was burnt out. I was burnt out from life all together and my nerve pain decided to sky rocket which tears my all body up from the inside out. So has I laid around binge watching the Sons of Anarchy I started to rethink and study myself and how I have been taking care of my writing, promoting and sales. I did a complete revaluation on every aspect and came to realize that I was giving out more than I was receiving. I was neglecting ME. I had forgotten to take care of me, my books, my blog, my promos, and myself as a mother and poet. I was spending the majority of my time retweeting and sharing other writers work than my own. I gave high recommendations on books, and only the true supporters and real friends turned around and gave back to me. They know who they are!! Thank you all for being there!

My concluding thoughts on my little vacation is, thank you to the ones that reached out and was concerned over me and my writing or the ones that took the time to listen when I reached out for support. No names will be listed here. You showed me love, tenderness and kindness during a very difficult time of need. I just want to say that I have your back always and if any of you ever need someone to talk to or help with a project…. I am here.


Last words: Friendship, Networking & Support are not one way streets, we all have to show our understanding, caring and support to every writer we choose to, and not for what we can get out of it but what we can give to them.

Reminder: Support a Indie Author or Poet today by showing them some love and writing a review or recommending their book/books to friends & family. And if a fellow writer reaches out and reviews your book, please be sure to ask how you can repay them.