Top 10 Poetry Reads

10. Impressions in the Sand by Edward York



 Impressions In The Sand is a collection of Poems I have written over a span of time.
 They are about life, love and even some humor. Some were strongly felt inspirations and others were whimsical.

JAnn’s Rating:

Edward’s poetry is so surreal and heart-touching, his poems reflect life in so many different rays of light. Some bright and happy where you find yourself smiling and then some are so surreal that it takes your breath away, leaving you gasping for air. His words are light like feathers that fall gently on the screen with very little effort in imagery.

9. On The Edge by Haley Timmons

Today the
Angels Descended

Mommy can you hear me?

What did I do so wrong?

Can you see the blood I bleed?

Or How I’m not that strong?

Does my voice sound distant?

Did you forget just where you are?

Mama I know I’m not an infant

But I still love you with all my heart

The bruises are starting to blacken

And the teachers are asking me why

I lied about how it happened

Said I was tripped up by some guy

But mama I don’t want to lie

Why do you hurt me so?

Why is it that you’re always high?

I just wish that I could know

Mama I think you’re killing me

There’s blood now on your hands

It’s getting really hard to breath

Was this your final plan?

Mama I am scared please stop

I swear that I’ll be good

I won’t cry not one teardrop

If you just treat me like you should

Everything’s quiet and I can’t see

Mama what have you done?

Why is it that you hated me?

When I was your only son

Mama my wings are so pearly white

And my body and soul has been mended

And I will be sleeping with God tonight

For today the angel’s descended


On The Edge: Poetry By A Mentally Ill Poet is a book about the struggle of battling a mental illness. The book is sectioned into three parts. Mental Illness, Loss and World News.

The Last Breath

Your voice to me is Deafening
Your state of mind unsettling
although your smile is welcoming
your hands they are still trembling
Battle wounds stitched with glue
Body twisted, corkscrew loose
Ink filled lungs, black tattoo
Nothing that time can undo
Clean white sheets,sterile air
oxygen mask and missing hair
Hands are lifted, unspoken prayer
Flat line, An empty chair
Clocks stopped, time of death
chest rises, One final breath

JAnn’s Review:
My heart ached and tears brimmed my eyes on several of Hayley’s poems while I read this book. Hayley has such a descriptive rhyming voice when she writes, where you can actually here the cries of help throughout the pages. I am so thrilled and happy to have connected with Hayley on Twitter and helped her publish this book, especially since it was her first book and I
helped her achieve her dream. I will definitely be a fan of her poetry for a long time, just because she writes from the heart with such ease but at the same time, you can feel her pain greatly that she feels with each objective she writes. Her rhyme scheme is something I wish I could learn for she has that talent will mastered.

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8. Starlight by Mr. Glenn


A Silhouette Remains

The flash bulb pops
and the light is thrown,
covering the distance of air,
bending past the molecules
that are suspended in time
as the light bleeds through them,
reaching to wrap around you
while the shutter begins its slide
and scrapes across the opening of the lens
and for the slights fraction of a second it seems
that it will reach you first
and capture you for its own,
but my heart is already there
and in a blur
the world you knew before
is already something new
because I love you
and all that is left for the camera to own
is the silhouette of love
that has already grown.


Starlight is the newest book of poems by Mr. Glenn.

Every night I step outside just as the moon begins to shine and wait patiently to see where the scatter of her children will fall across the sky. I wait patiently for you, the first star of the night. Some nights you appear dancing with the moon, some nights you hang all alone above the darkened silhouette of the mountains, but always you are covered in my thoughts and your sweet light always finds its way to me. You are my perfect starlight.

JAnn’s Review:
I was honored to read Mr. Glenn’s work. I found his work to be one that I will become a fan of for years to come. His smooth, romantic writing voice was a true pleasure to read. I really enjoyed his free verse with a slant rhyme with very visual effects to his poems. This book will be one that
I will definitely take the time to read over again and again. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a sexy romantic poetry book to read.

7. Echoes of Moonlight by Kimberly DuBoise

Quietly Watching
With eyes that see to the heart,
with a gaze that leads to understanding,
you look upon us in love.
You tenderly minister to our soul’s
Indefinable longing-
you rest your wings upon our sighs!
Before first light, when the warm rays of dawn
shine over me, you stir the thoughts of love
that beat within my heart.
and I know it is you
calling me awake,
calling me to love.
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This is a collection of poetry that deeply considers the connection we have to nature, the essence of love, the closeness of divinity.

JAnn’s Review:

Kimberly’s talent is sweet and so real. I have become a huge fan of her work since meeting
her. In fact I read this book twice since she gave it to me. I adore her wordplay and how free the words fall. Her rhyme scheme and rhythm bounces around which makes her poems flow with ease and fun to read. I highly recommend this book to any poetry lover who wants a smooth pace poetry book to read over the weekend. 

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6. My Myths by Kelle Grace Gaddis



The Shelves
Harry refused to listen.
Eventually, he had his ears removed.
He hung shelves where his ears used to be.
His wife wanted to put curios from Hawaii on the shelves,
a hula girl, a ukulele boy.
But, Harry never heard her request.
He placed a saltshaker on one side of his head and a peppermill on the
By nightfall Harry had forgotten the shelves.
At dinner he demanded seasoning for his meat.
His wife pointed to the shelves.
Not understanding her gesture, he pounded the table with his fists,
until the salt crashed to the floor.
Harry grabbed his wife in a fury and shouted,
“Now look what you’ve done!”


JAnn’s Review:
Kelle’s written voice falls across the pages of her book, My Myths, with such ease and elegance. Her poetic tone brings to focus just how silly, straight heart a poet can be. She writes one poem with such elegant words of description then you turn the page and will soon encounter her ease and wittiness of character and imagery. I found myself gasping for air and reaching for the arm of my chair at moments when I thought my world would spin out of control with such beauty described on the page then I would find myself laughing and taking the book to my kids to read a poem. Kelle’s work was an amazing read and a book I will forever treasure.



5. Poems by Timothious Smith

When thou Touch I


I stood back and looked at what I had done.

I had felt this way before.

In the near past I had lunged.

Opening a closed heart door.

The feelings I felt then

Loomed in my head once more.

I looked at the person I had been

And those feelings I had in store.

I thank you for awakening them in me

Those feelings I had ignored.

Those things I wanted to forget to see

Those streaming emotions I dared not ford.

I breath deep those feelings.

And wish that I could share them with you.

But they’re of heart dealings

And love come true.

They’re of magic and mystery’

Motion and joy.

They’re of future and history

And chaos destroy.

If I had felt them only a little while before.

I would have lived life better

and have not locked this door.

Thus being more a go getter.

I’ve written of heroes

I wished I could be

But all I really want

Is you with me.

If I never see you again

And the love my heart drips dry.

I will remember what has always been.

When thou touch I.


This is a few poems that I wrote in between 1989 and 1995 for women that I fell head over heels in love with. Hope that you enjoy them.

JAnn’s Review:
I have absolutely have become a fan of Timothious’ writing. His talent exceeded my expectations and my love for  poetry all together. His love poems were magnificent and enjoyable. It was my first book of modern poetry that I actually took my time in reading it and
thinking about each word, stanza and the entirety of the poem before flipping the page. His rhyme schemes and rhythm flowed as gently as a steady stream without any flaw. I was so impressed by his work and highly recommend anyone to read this book by Timothious.

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4. Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook

Structured like an old-school mix-tape, Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately is Alicia Cook’s lyric
message to anyone who has dealt with addiction. “Side A” touches on all aspects of the human condition: life, death, love, trauma, and growth. “Side B” contains haunting black-out remixes of those poems.
JAnn’s Review:
Alicia’s poetry is sweet, sad and touching. It’s like riding a roller coaster! I absolutely fell in love with her style of writing. Her taste of words, the rhyme and rhythm, the flow is such an ease to the heart. I could really connect with her pain as she wrote these poems, in which that is what poetry should be all about. The connection between poet and reader.
3. Sunset by Paul Anthony



Tango Five Seven

~   ~   ~

A siren screaming and a blue light flashing,

Through the ‘Lakes’ a motor bike dashing.

A gear, a lean and a handful of throttle,

Carving through traffic with skill and bottle.

A radio blaring in a wintry windy ear,

Telling what was waiting, knowing what to fear.

And there was the smash! Straight through the wall!

And Tango Five Seven had answered the call.

Broken bodies, broken limbs.

Unconscious twinkling, brain that dims.

Battered, bruised, bewildered man,

Searching for survivors, the river ran.

Wading in the water deep,

Holding close, her warmth to keep.

Bleeding blood, deep red upon me.

The Lord’s call proving way beyond me.

A kiss of life,

For someone’s wife.

Respiration…. Deep frustration.

And so to hold her as she slipped away,

That angel face, with eyes so grey.

And silky soft, her hair reclining,

But I could not stop her soul declining.

I pumped the heart, as you would friend.

Yet my hands were naught, she would not mend.

‘Come in Tango Five Seven!’

I heard, I sighed, I cried….I replied.

‘Tango Five Seven,

Angel in heaven!’

Book Blurb:

Sunset is a collection of poetry tracing the life of a relaxed carefree teenager in the Sixties to a man at the dawn of the Twenty First Century. The journey captures an age of experiences; peaceful and pleasant, violent and murderous. The voyage from one century to another smoothly results in a unique portrayal of the era in which we live.

From love and romance, war and peace, sorrow and surrender, to private fears and unknown tears, the Cumbrian policeman,detective, and novelist, Paul Anthony delivers a roller-coaster of poetic

The Cumberland News: From boy to man in seventy seven poems…
JAnn’s Review:

WOW!! Is all I can say! The heart-touching poems in this book depicts so much of the poet’s life as a police officer. Some of the poems brought tears to my eyes and some brought smiles, but it’s the emotion Paul has for poetry that really shows through his work. His talent overcomes most contemporary poets I read today! I give him great credit and kudos for sharing his story between the lines of each poem, where all good and bad things lie in life and poetry. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, just grab a good cup of coffee and enjoy!

Echoic Magazine March Issue


2. More Than Simple Words: Reality vs. Love by Derrick A. Marrow







Poetry that deals with the reality of everyday life. The struggle of life. True love and true hurt and true loss and true happiness. The reality of the outcasts and incasts and how we all go through things.

JAnn’s Review:

I had a deep interest in wanting to read Derrick’s poetry and I am really happy to have done so. His poetry provides a provoking look into reality vs. love. Sometimes we have a tendency to mix the two up and it either drives us insane or it breaks our hearts and that is exactly how Derrick’s poetry portrays. His imagery is so vivid that as the reader one can honestly feel every emotion. His rhyme and rhythm play an important role in how each poem is completed and script into stone as if they were to be carved into the soul of the reader. Derrick’s poetry book is one that I would recommend anyone to read and study the way he twists and turns his words.




1.Drinking from the Sane Water by Vincent G. Topp





Drinking From The Sane Water is the first collection of poems from the poet Vincent Topp.All moods are accounted for, the hidden and the obvious.

JAnn’s Review

Vincent’s poetry is the type of poetry that will harness the soul and grip the heart and make you want to question everything in life. His emotions are strong throughout the book and the imagery he paints is one that flashes before your eyes. I truly enjoyed this book of poems! I would recommend to anyone who is a lover of words, life and enjoys exceptional talent of penning the poems.




5 Topics I Like to Write Poetry About

  1. Love – I really enjoy writing about love. Love poetry comes easy to me. However, most of my poetry is about the dark side of love and from that I write to inspire and let others know that love is only what we see, feel and believe in our hearts. With my love poetry I try to build a relationship with my readers in hopes that the words I write are the words they can’t say.
  2. Nature – I enjoy writing about nature and the spiritual side of it. I feel close to nature and her spirits when I write and dig deep within to find that sacred spot between Mother Nature & I. I find nature to be easy to write about because I have spent the majority of my life out among nature and the gifts of our planet. I can look at a flower and see more than just a flower, I may see a symbol to something that is lingering deep within me.
  3. Life experiences – I write a lot about my life experiences in hopes to give others a good look at life. Life can either be a one way street or a freeway. I prefer the freeway because of the lessons and chances there is. To me if life was just a one way street, just think how boring & ugly life would be. At least with life being a freeway when it gets to crazy or chaotic you can take an exit and escape from it every once in a while. Life is just one huge adventure. The adventures all have to happen depending on our attitude.
  4. Looking at the world through a child eye – I used to write a lot of childlike poems when my kids were younger. I still do, but just not as much as I liked to. I would love to write more poetry on how my youngest son sees life. He is autistic, so his inner thoughts and feelings are quite different from mine.
  5. On writing poetry or about writers – This is something I just started a few months ago and one that I find myself referring to the most when I write. I love writing about my passion of poetry. I enjoy twisting verses together about the writing experience.



5 Tips for a Meditating Monday

Melt away stress …. Before it happens!

  1. Learn the benefits of meditating – do you research. The benefits of meditation could go on forever but here is a few things I have learned and gained from. Meditating morning and night helps reduce stress by a large margin. It helps curve the overthinking process that our minds have a tendency to do. Meditating helps relax the nervous system and reduces anxiety, panic attacks and depression.
  2. Start Small – For beginners, start small 3 – 5 minutes couple times a day when feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
  3. Meditate Your Way – most think that there is a rigid way to get the most out of meditating, a big false. You can choose to either sit Buddha Style (Lotus), lie down on either on a couch, bed, floor or yoga mat, or get comfy in the recliner. The choices are endless. The main goal is to feel comfortable and at ease. As for me, my three favorite spots to meditate is my yoga mat, my recliner when I am meditating to release chronic pain, and outside among nature for a closer spiritual atmosphere. I also prefer big headphones to wear to block out any surrounding noise, this helps me concentrate on my breathing and focus to open up my imagination, inspiration and intuition channels.
  4. Try Walking Meditation – put some low background music on go for a walk around your neighborhood, out among nature or in a city park and meditate by concentrate on your breathing and seeing with your eyes. This will open your eyes to the aesthetic values and the value of beauty among us.
  5. Ultimate Goal – The ultimate goal of meditating is for you to ease your mind from daily stress. Try massaging your temples, jaw line and the back of your neck. Once you have been meditating the more control you will have over your thoughts and the overthinking mind. But remember to just relax your mind, body and soul!

5We are having a baby girl!

5 Tips to a Better You



Practicing Awareness, Meditation & Mindfulness

Before I even start my day or end my day, I do a quick run through of my own thoughts, ideas & behaviors and ask myself what I could change or have done different about my day. I always open my day with a prayer and a round of meditation and end my day in a silent meditation. Here is an app/website I highly recommend for beginners in meditation, awareness and mindfulness. It can be download on Android or Apple.

Insight Timer

  1. Start each day by writing down your thoughts, ideas, behavior, attitude and relationships. Take the time while you eat a healthy breakfast, jot down what your mood is, what is stressing you such as that deadline you have this week, what triggers your behaviors and attitude throughout the day. But also don’t forget to write about the good stuff too. Such has your gratefulness towards your partner or child, maybe write a short thank you to the stranger that opened a door for you.
  2. Mark up a self-assessment – Take note on how your actions might be affecting others around you. Ask yourself, have you been honest to everyone but most of all what about your honesty to yourself. How about your usage of words at work, around the dinner table or on the internet?
  3. Put your ideas into action – Don’t be afraid to speak up at the next conference or office meeting. Your idea may be exactly what your boss is looking for. Speak up wherever you can, this opens your mind, your creativity and doors to a bright future.
  4. Re-read or analyze your progresses & failures…. Progress is great but its the failures that help us grow and achieve our goals and dreams
  5. Set new goals each week – pick a weekend to set new goals and evaluate your past week and take not of what you can change for the better.


P.S. Don’t forget to choose your Daily Mantra too!




Top 5 Tips for Writing Poetry

  1. Warm up- write for 15 minutes – just write and don’t stop to think about what your writing. Don’t even think about a topic, just … start writing.
  2. Journal – write in a journal everyday … better yet create your own journal! Decorate a notebook up to your liking so you will want to write daily.
  3. Connect with your environment- I connect by meditating before I start, I know that is not for everyone so try to go for a walk, or sit outside in silence or take a hot bath… just remember to relax before you start.
  4. Consider a taboo topic – most poets stir away from topics that may bring debate. Challenge yourself to write one a day. This helps open you mind and creativity
  5. Study – Read – Learn – Study from your favorite poets, Read new poetry daily and learn new techniques and themes.

Typewriter with Poetry buttons, vintage

Photo by Molly Fisk (Google Image)

10 Reasons Why I Write Poetry

  1. My favorite form of self- expression – I find poetry to be my form of place where I can allow my spirit to run free and not be afraid of judgment or hate when I am writing my thoughts, ideas and feelings.
  2. A gift to the world – I look at each poem I write as a gift to the world in hopes that maybe it will touch someone’s heart or inspire someone to fight for their dreams.
  3. My favorite genre – This began as a little girl, and still is today my favorite genre to read or write. It’s where I learn the most about myself as a writer
  4. The emotions, images, rhyme, rhythm & metaphors of the poems – The whole aspect of a poem that is painted, such as never knowing what emotions lie beneath the skin until it is bled from the fingertips. The images that a poem can depict is so real and so vivid. The rhyme and rhythm, the beat to the poem must comply with the image or the whole format of the poem is destroyed. There is times when I will tap out the rhythm before I write. I love metaphors, they make for interesting endings to poems
  5. Word Play –  twisting and turning, creating and painting with words – the twisting and turning of words, adding suffixes & prefixes, or just creating a new version or slang or my favorite. Creating & painting the picture with words is an art form all by itself. The canvas is mine and mine alone. No one is there telling me how to create. The one thing I really like about poetry, and something I have learned from studying poems, its okay to let loose and create new words or to draw on other’s for inspiration.
  6. Past poets who inspired me – My list could go on forever but here is the top 5. Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, Shel Silverstein, Dylan Thomas
  7. It’s genetic – just ask! & It’s a way of life – I am not joking here since I started my family history I have came across many very talented poets in my family. And yes, Poetry is a way of life but also so much more and deeper than the soul.
  8. The learning process – I study and train almost daily in enhancing my poetry. I get so much enjoyment out of learning new techniques on writing poetry and how to be more creative when I write then from my fellow poets or from the legends of the past. I constantly have a stack of reference books on my desk next to me at all times.
  9. My box in which I live in – Poetry is my box in which I live. Everyone has a box they live in, some may be sports, writers of other genres, musicians, politicians, teachers, professors or just being a mom and Dad. Your box is what makes you the most comfortable and happy…..mine is poetry.
  10. It’s my go to place to heal spiritually, physically and emotionally – I turn to my writing as a healing place of where my life is leading to and where it has led me in the past. I turn to my poetry as my spiritual sanctuary. I write after each meditation or prayer service I do. I write to keep my mind off all the physical pain I am in on a daily basis, if not I would go insane. I write to release emotions that I can’t defy in verbal context.


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