5 Tips to a Better You



Practicing Awareness, Meditation & Mindfulness

Before I even start my day or end my day, I do a quick run through of my own thoughts, ideas & behaviors and ask myself what I could change or have done different about my day. I always open my day with a prayer and a round of meditation and end my day in a silent meditation. Here is an app/website I highly recommend for beginners in meditation, awareness and mindfulness. It can be download on Android or Apple.

Insight Timer

  1. Start each day by writing down your thoughts, ideas, behavior, attitude and relationships. Take the time while you eat a healthy breakfast, jot down what your mood is, what is stressing you such as that deadline you have this week, what triggers your behaviors and attitude throughout the day. But also don’t forget to write about the good stuff too. Such has your gratefulness towards your partner or child, maybe write a short thank you to the stranger that opened a door for you.
  2. Mark up a self-assessment – Take note on how your actions might be affecting others around you. Ask yourself, have you been honest to everyone but most of all what about your honesty to yourself. How about your usage of words at work, around the dinner table or on the internet?
  3. Put your ideas into action – Don’t be afraid to speak up at the next conference or office meeting. Your idea may be exactly what your boss is looking for. Speak up wherever you can, this opens your mind, your creativity and doors to a bright future.
  4. Re-read or analyze your progresses & failures…. Progress is great but its the failures that help us grow and achieve our goals and dreams
  5. Set new goals each week – pick a weekend to set new goals and evaluate your past week and take not of what you can change for the better.


P.S. Don’t forget to choose your Daily Mantra too!




Top 5 Tips for Writing Poetry

  1. Warm up- write for 15 minutes – just write and don’t stop to think about what your writing. Don’t even think about a topic, just … start writing.
  2. Journal – write in a journal everyday … better yet create your own journal! Decorate a notebook up to your liking so you will want to write daily.
  3. Connect with your environment- I connect by meditating before I start, I know that is not for everyone so try to go for a walk, or sit outside in silence or take a hot bath… just remember to relax before you start.
  4. Consider a taboo topic – most poets stir away from topics that may bring debate. Challenge yourself to write one a day. This helps open you mind and creativity
  5. Study – Read – Learn – Study from your favorite poets, Read new poetry daily and learn new techniques and themes.

Typewriter with Poetry buttons, vintage

Photo by Molly Fisk (Google Image)