5 Topics I Like to Write Poetry About

  1. Love – I really enjoy writing about love. Love poetry comes easy to me. However, most of my poetry is about the dark side of love and from that I write to inspire and let others know that love is only what we see, feel and believe in our hearts. With my love poetry I try to build a relationship with my readers in hopes that the words I write are the words they can’t say.
  2. Nature – I enjoy writing about nature and the spiritual side of it. I feel close to nature and her spirits when I write and dig deep within to find that sacred spot between Mother Nature & I. I find nature to be easy to write about because I have spent the majority of my life out among nature and the gifts of our planet. I can look at a flower and see more than just a flower, I may see a symbol to something that is lingering deep within me.
  3. Life experiences – I write a lot about my life experiences in hopes to give others a good look at life. Life can either be a one way street or a freeway. I prefer the freeway because of the lessons and chances there is. To me if life was just a one way street, just think how boring & ugly life would be. At least with life being a freeway when it gets to crazy or chaotic you can take an exit and escape from it every once in a while. Life is just one huge adventure. The adventures all have to happen depending on our attitude.
  4. Looking at the world through a child eye – I used to write a lot of childlike poems when my kids were younger. I still do, but just not as much as I liked to. I would love to write more poetry on how my youngest son sees life. He is autistic, so his inner thoughts and feelings are quite different from mine.
  5. On writing poetry or about writers – This is something I just started a few months ago and one that I find myself referring to the most when I write. I love writing about my passion of poetry. I enjoy twisting verses together about the writing experience.