We Are The Poets

We are the poets of today’s society

We write the unsaid words

Of anger, hate & war

We write of the unsaid dreams of a passerby

Of depression, anxiety & fears

We write of unsaid words

Hurt, pain & agony

We write of such words that describes the evil

Of darkness, haunting, & hell

We are the poets of today’s society

But we still can’t write the words

For world peace of saving our own lost souls.

Who Am I?

Who am I?

Why I am different?

Specially unique

Never under estimated

Always expected perfection from me

But can’t they see it is showing

Through the cracks of my soul

That I am not perfect,

That I can only handle so much

That I am just a human

With only so much strength

Left inside for

I am only me

The one every treats different

Like I am some type of miraculous event

That happened so many years ago

Look at me, can’t you see, the pressure is building

Upon my shoulders to strive my best

At all your wants & needs

I am about to crack, go colliding, spinning out of control

Please somebody release my soul

Just tell me why you treat me so

I wonder is it because I am not of part of you?

Why I am so different, my hair color is off, my eyes are not the same,

Does anyone know who I am?

Does anyone even care?

Why can’t you just tell me?

Honesty is the core to life’s injustice

But there you are treating me

Like I am some angel in disguise

As if I was not made from you.