I remember the day we first met

All those years ago

You were a man of your words

And I was an empty shell

But with each passing visit

My shell slowly fell

You made me feel worthy

And you stood by me

Through it all

You never left my side

You made me feel like I was unstoppable

With your encouragement


Allowing me to see your beautiful soul

I saw something I wished I never had, but

I took it off cruise control

For I couldn’t wait any longer

For you

I said the words first

And you turned and ran

I was left standing there

Heartbroken and devastated

That I had lost you forever

I couldn’t let you go, so

I stood and fought for you

Harder than I ever fought before

And still your ego and the lies

That you told yourself

Broke you and me into two

Instead of molding us as one

Now here I sit

A hundred miles away


All I still dream of is you

Like a haunting past

Keeps flashing before me

And all I still want is to say

I am sorry forever loving you

Sorry that I wasn’t pretty enough

Or smart enough

Sorry I was too independent

And strong

Sorry I wasn’t the kind of lady

You deserved so much

Sorry that I loved you so deeply

Sorry that I chased you away

Sorry that I never got to

Lay in your arms late at night

Sorry that I wasn’t good enough

To wake up to in the morning light

I am sorry … you were ever hurt

 By my words of love

I guess my love was too powerful

For your beautiful soul to see

We were really meant to be.




Interview with Poet Vickie Mryczko

Q1. Tell us something interesting about yourself.

 – I am a single mom of two teens. My “real” job or trade is within the beauty industry; as I have taught in and owned my own cosmetology school.

Q2. What does “being creative” mean to you?

 – To me, being creative is the freedom to express ones self with confidence; and without apology in a healthy and positive manner. 

Q3. What gives you the inspiration or drive to write poetry?

 – Writing is my therapy. It helps me to release negative feelings; while attempting to self motivate and cleanse my mind.

Q4. What new projects are you working towards your writing goal?

 – I am in the process currently of finalizing my first manuscript of poetry.

Q5. What is the difference between your writing voice and your speaking voice? Does it combine together or is it totally separated?

 – My writing “voice” gives me courage to communicate and express ideas; in which my words could be understood by the “hearing” ear of others non judgement or persecution.

Q6. What advice do you have for any new poets or authors out there just entering the world of writing?

 – Never doubt the words the universe is giving you to pen…

Now let’s have some fun!

Q7. Who is your favorite author or poet? And why?

I love all the classic writers, Poe, Dickinson, Emmerson, Hemmingway, Twain. I am a hopeless romantic to anything vintage in feeling…

Q8. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

 – I would love to be in a small cottage in the English countryside, reading, writing and finding peace.

Q9. What is your favorite book that has been turned into a movie, TV show or miniseries?

The movies are never as good as the books!!! I could still however always watch Harry Potter. 😉

Q10. What is your favorite drink when you are digging into writing your  poem? What is your favorite place to write? And why?

Now back to business! 

 -COFFEE… Hot or cold in any flavor. I write anywhere the words find me. I always have a small pen and notebook with me.

Q11. I see you are a published poet on SpillWords, what can you tell us about your experience and your publications?

 – I stumbled onto Spillwords, and I am so blessed to find them. They are amazingly supportive and really help to bring to life, through a single photo, the essence of every piece I have written or read by other authors.

Last Question!

Q13. Why do you write? How old were you when you knew you wanted to become an author or poet? Who influenced you?

– Tough question… I’ve just always written. I feel more at ease communicating ideas, opinions and feeling through my penned hand.